THINKPACKAGE. We are a boutique custom design and packaging firm that specializes in luxury and high-end custom packaging. We are passionate about what we do and we strive to deliver a product that is not only of highest quality, but that is truly custom to our clients' needs. With creativity at our very core, we manage the entire creative and production process from conception to completion, providing our clients with the most unique choices available in today's market. Through personal and meaningful collaborations with our clients, we aim to design and create experiences that stir and evoke deep emotion through great packaging.


At Thinkpackage, our capabilities as a full-service custom design packaging firm go far beyond the boundaries of package design. From concept development to product delivery, the process of producing a successful packaging begins with an idea, which we help interpret and fashion into a product that transcends across all platforms. We have built a strong infrastructure that seamlessly weaves together our design, production and warehousing operations which enables us to help with your packaging needs every step of the way.

We are all artists at heart. Our goal is not only to expand the language of package design, but to fuse different ideas to create products that are timeless and functional for years to come. Whether it is an added hinge or the most intricate structure, we find the best ways to translate your ideas into tangible forms that create depth, expand perception and solidify structures in a powerful way.


Through custom packaging, Thinkpackage is dedicated to heightening your visual palate. Whether it is a small bakery or a high-end restaurant, we provide a large spectrum of packaging that is not only functional but tasteful in design and customizable to any feast. Differentiate yourself from the others through packaging that complements your brand and also serves as an added visual appeal to the customers. Now, that's a complete package.


In an industry that is highly competitive and ever so changing like Health & Beauty, a unique and innovative custom packaging is vital. First impressions are often known to be the most important so why not give your brand a lasting one? Built in any shape or size, we are committed to helping you create a custom packaging that delivers a message of distinct quality all while bringing out the true glamour of your product in any environment.


When it comes to trends, Thinkpackage is at the forefront of the latest styles, providing our retailers with the hottest packaging that is custom to their brand. From boutique shops to red carpet events at Fashion Week, we have all your packaging needs covered. Quality, form and fashion is of our utmost concern and we believe packaging is the basis of all interaction between you and your consumer. So, why not utilize the closest form of advertising you have with Thinkpackage to fashion a brand that is ahead of the curve?


A home to a constant revolving door of guests and endless opportunities for branding, Thinkpackage can help create an all-encompassing experience for your brand. Through design and custom packaging, our goal is to assist you with creating an experience where guests will want to return time after time and tell their family and friends. From Room Amenity to Food and Beverage, we can provide creative solutions for all of your packaging needs that will propel your brand and heighten consumer experience.


It's your time to shine! If you feel like a diamond in the rough or just want something extra to accentuate your brand, Thinkpackage has something for you. All of our packaging is custom made, so if you are looking for packaging that is fully tailored to your brand or packaging that stands outs amongst a crowd, we cant wait to collaborate with you!

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